mndrgn, Taks Apoy, Lucy Fer
Against the State and the Market, Push Back the Marcos-Duterte Axis of Evil! A Statement on the participation of some anarchists in the 2022 Elections [en]

In the photo from the foreground is former first lady Imelda Marcos, former president Gloria Arroyo, president Rodrigo Duterte and former president Erap Estrada at the Manila Hotel on April 19, 2017 (Image Source:

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Theses on Halalan 2022 [en]

Editorial note from Bandilang Itim

This is an edited anthology of collected notes from comrades critical of Halanan 2022, the 2022 Philippine General Elections. “KonTRAPOlitiko” is not an organization, nor is it our collective name. Rather, KonTRAPOlitiko is the name we give to our anger: “Kontra” meaning “against,” “TRAPO” meaning “traditional politician,” and “politiko” meaning politician. Thus “kontra-politiko” could be translated as “anti-politician.” We the authors are not all anarchists, but we are united in our anger and contempt of the politicians. Because this is an anthology of sorts, certain themes in some theses are repeated in others, but on a whole we have tried to curb repitition and arrange these in a thematic way.


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How to Fire Your Boss A Workers’ Guide to Direct Action [en]

“I don’t know of anything that can be applied that will bring as much satisfaction to you, and as much anguish to the boss, as a little sabotage in the right place at the right time.”

— “Big” Bill Haywood, Industrial Workers of the World.


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Paano Sisantehin si Bossing Isang Gabay ng mga Manggagawa para sa Direct Action [tl]

“Wala akong ibang maisip na pwedeng isagawa na mas makakapagbigay ng ligaya sa iyo, at mas makaka-hassel sa amo niyo, bukod sa kaunting sabotahe sa tamang lugar at sa tamang oras.”

— “Big” Bill Haywood, Industrial Workers of the World.


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Andrea Alakran
Reflections on Fil-Am History Month From an Autonomist Filipinx [en]

Where do I begin? I was born in the Philippines almost three decades ago. My story there is brief — by the time I was two years old, I’d already migrated with my parents to the United States.


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Adrienne Cacatian
Wrath Over Pride A call-out post to “radical” cis (het) men and their inadequacy in gender struggles [en]

I want to talk about gender issues in “progressive/radical/revolutionary spaces” before Pride Month ends because it’s so important. I need to call out cis (het) men[1] in radical/progressive spaces—especially the anarchist, Marxist, or generally progressive men that I see around or know.


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To Be Queer is to Love All A Perspective on Queer Activism and Anarchism in the Philippines [en]

Content and trigger warning: This text discusses physical, mental, and sexual abuse, discrimination, and murder committed against queer people.


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Simoun Magsalin
Detainment is Death in the Pandemic! [en]

Umaapaw na raw ang kulungan. [The jails are overflowing.] Nearly 30,000 people were reportedly arrested under the quarantine in the Philippines, with more than 4,000 of these arrested detained, based on a report dated April 18, 2020.[1] Doubtless, more have since been arrested and detained since then. The police even went on record saying there will no longer be any more warnings to the alleged “quarantine violators” and will arrest people as they see fit,[2] likely straining the capacities of the already overstretched jails and prisons.


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What Happens To Them Photo Essay of the Homeless Community In Long Beach [tl]

Photo essay by O’Shovah, a Filipinx comrade in Long Beach.

There is an issue that is being neglected, a homeless issue. It is an issue that has long been present before this pandemic. While the current situation is to stay at home, many of the homeless people living in the city do not have the privilege to “stay at home.” Whether it be the cold gray pavement or a metallic bus bench to sleep or rest, it cannot be denied that they are the unfortunate victims of this COVID-19 pandemic.


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Bandilang Itim Collective
To Pay is to Die The Threat of Student Debt and Homelessness [en]

We at Bandilang Itim stand in support with the student organizations from the De La Salle University,[1] and the University of the Philippines.[2] In these trying times, university institutions must adapt to the so-called “new normal” in a way that accommodates their students. This means accounting for the students’ varying conditions. Some students may be under financial or emotional stress due to the Extended Community Quarantine (ECQ). Others lack access to reliable internet connectivity to continue with online classes and securing one may become yet another financial burden.


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