Quarantine [tl]

Una, nang lumala ang krisis, walang mass testing. Hindi raw kaya ng gobyerno. Hindi nila tuloy nalaman kung gaano kalala ang sitwasyon. Naubusan ng mga equipment ang mga ospital, kaya ang mga health worker na nag-aalaga, nagkasakit at pinauwi. Kada araw, nadadagdagan ang mga nagkakasakit, nauubusan na sila ng espasyo para sa bagong pasyente. Habang may mga politiko na kahit retirado na agad pinagpa-test, may mga namamatay nang hindi nalalaman kung COVID nga ang ikinamatay. Kapag may umaalma, may nagreklamo, pinaparatangan at inaaresto agad bilang terorista.


Mar 29, 2020 Read the whole text... 3 pp.

Sa Pag-Usab Sa Tanang Butang Usa ka Anarkistang Pagsangpit [ceb]

Kung naa kay mabag-o nga bisan unsang butang, unsa ang imong gusto ma-usab? Mobakasyon ba ka sa tibuok nimong kinabuhi? Mahimong ang fossil fuel makapaundang sa pag bag-o sa klima (climate change)? Nga ang mga bangko ug mga politico aduna’y panglantaw nga ethical? Kung hunahunaon, ang tinuod, gapadayonon lang ang mga karaang pamaagi unya gadahum ug laing resulta.


Mar 21, 2020 Read the whole text... 29 pp.

Alexander Berkman
Repormer at Pulitiko [tl]

Ito ay isang sipi mula sa aklat What is Communist Anarchism? ni Alexander Berkman, at tinagalog nito ni Mindsetbreaker Press. Inilathala namin ito sa Bandilang Itim para sa kahalagahan nito sa mga anarkisista sa kapuluan.

Mar 17, 2020 Read the whole text... 18 pp.

Errico Malatesta
Anarkiya at Pamahalaan [tl]

Ang “Anarkiya at Pamahalaan” ay isang sipi at pinaikling sanaysay mula sa aklat Anarchy ni Errico Malatesta. Inilathala namin ito sa Bandilang Itim para sa kahalagahan nito sa mga anarkisista sa kapuluan.

Mar 4, 2020 Read the whole text... 14 pp.

Errico Malatesta
Dalawang Magbubukid Mahalagang Salitaan Ukol sa Pagsasamahan ng̃ mg̃a Tao [tl]

Preface by Bandilang Itim

Dalawang Magbubukid is a Tagalog translation of Errico Malatesta’s classic pamphlet, Fra Contadini or as it is known in English, Between Peasants. Fra Contadini is a dialogue between two farmers on anarchism and anarcho-communism.


Mar 3, 2020 Read the whole text... 72 pp.

Harold Barclay
The Ifugao A People Without Government [en]

This is an excerpt from People without Government: An Anthropology of Anarchy by Harold Barclay. We are republishing this excerpt for its value to anarchists in the archipelago known as the Philippines.

Mar 3, 2020 Read the whole text... 5 pp.

What is Egoism? [en]

Egoism is named after the word “ego,” which is latin for “I.” Everyone around us has an ego for which, Max Stirner understood that we all have a drive to serve ourselves and the I, the self. This philosophical observation is also often seen in the sciences, as any serious scientist studying in the field of psychology or zoology can tell you that humans act for their own self-interest. It is then asked, is altruism a case against egoism? The answer is no, for which even Stirner argues that even altruism is a form of egoism on its own. Stirner said that altruism and cooperation—and even community—is made because it serves our ego in a way. Why do we work with other people? For our own interests. This is the meat and flesh of egoism, it’s not at all complicated.


Mar 1, 2020 Read the whole text... 11 pp.

Abusing Resilience The Filipino in the face of Disaster [en]

On the afternoon of January 12 the Taal Volcano began spewing ash and smoke from its ancient caldera. Within hours a massive evacuation effort was launched to get people out of harm’s way. A comrade was among the people fleeing the scene. Government offices and schools were understandably closed due to the disaster, but BPO centers around the areas most affected by the ensuing ashfall had the gall to call their workers back to work.


Feb 28, 2020 Read the whole text... 3 pp.

Intervention on the Filipino Mindspace Identity and Belonging in an age of Social Media [en]

Attorney Oli Reyes mentioned in a viral tweet how foreign youtubers were taking advantage of the Filipino need for global validation to garner more views — and therefore, ad revenue. But what is going on here? What does that mean for us as people? Does anyone care?


Feb 28, 2020 Read the whole text... 5 pp.

There is no “Natural Balance” [en]

On social media, I usually see people moan over how we’re “Destroying Nature”, and that “Mother Nature is dying.” No, my sweet summer child. Mother Nature ain’t dying. Mother Nature is just grabbing the slippers she’s gon’ use to spank our collective asses with. Natural processes that lead to life are going to remain well after we are gone. We just won’t be in it.


Feb 28, 2020 Read the whole text... 4 pp.