This page collects comminques responding to a 2023 call to action to commemorate the murder of Jennifer Laude. All these communiques are anonymously submitted to various distros and outlets which were then copied here. Bandilang Itim has no relation to the anonymous authors in any shape or form.

Windows Smashed at Military Recruiters' Office in Daly City

October 10

On Indigenous People's Night, we smashed all nine windows at the military recruiters' office in so-called Daly City, California (Ramaytush Ohlone territory).

We dedicate this action to Jennifer "Ganda" Laude, a Filipina woman who was murdered by transphobic U.S. Marine Joseph Scott Pemberton on October 11, 2014. We acted in response to a call by Filipino/a/x comrades asking anarchists in the United States to memorialize Ganda and attack U.S. imperialism. We know that this one action alone is not enough, but we hope that it encourages other anarchists to attack in Ganda's name as well. For comrades in the Northeast who have the skills to do the research, Pemberton grew up in New Bedford, Massachusetts and may have returned there after he was pardoned by Duterte in 2020.

We extend our solidarity to all anti-colonial struggles around the world. Solidarity to Palestinians resisting Zionist settler-colonialism! Solidarity to Haitians resisting yet another U.N. intervention! Solidarity to Weelaunee forest defenders! Death to America!

Chicago, IL: Military Recruiters’ Office Attacked in Memory of Jennifer Laude

October 14

We smashed out windows and knocked over furniture at a military recruiters’ office in a suburb of Chicago last night.

In solidarity with Filipino/a/x anarchists’ calls to commemorate Ganda, we swarmed on a miserable little strip mall where black and brown youth are targeted for induction into the imperial machine. Our intention was to slow down this violent routine, even if just for a couple of hours.

We swung our hammers invoking Jennifer Laude’s life, remembering the deeds of Michele Angiolillo and Leon Czolgosz, and channeling our rage against the transmisogyny and white impunity of neo-colonial occupation (A).

Upper Darby Military Recruitment Office Vandalized

October 18

A military recruitment office in Upper Darby was attacked with paint. We wrote slogans and threw red paint on the facade. Born from our love, grief, and rage, this was a letter to Gaza and those in solidarity with the Palestinian uprising against colonial power. This wasn’t done to only send a message to imperialists, consider it an attempt to warm passersby chilled by the cold logic of genocide. In the face of massive non-disruptive protest, we hope we can inspire others to act more directly and confrontationally. Those pushing imperialism and islamophobia are being watche and can expect resistance.

RIP Ganda, killed by the same Amerikkan imperialism that feels entitled to exploit and kill without repercussion.

For Gaza with love