Title: Whatever happened to Bandilang Itim?
Subtitle: An update on our efforts

The so-called "Bandilang Itim Collective" has silently disbanded. Bandilang Itim has effectively been demoted from collective to distro. The people behind Bandilang Itim are still there and this distro is still operated by an affinity group, but this affinity group is no longer “Bandilang Itim Collective.”

The affinity group that operates Bandilang Itim as a distro is doing things other than publishing including active organizing. We can and will continue to publish things on Bandilang Itim if and when we feel like it, but our affinity group is no longer a primarily publishing collective.

Our affinity group is doing a lot of good work, but this work mostly invisible work due the invisibilization of support and care work. Visibility is ultimately a macho concept, especially with regards to hyper-visibility in the online sphere. The fact of the matter is that taking care of each other and silently working on mutual aid efforts isn’t as glamorous as writing hot takes or smashing things.

You’ll still see publishing works on this platform every now and then, but only when we feel like it.

See you in the streets!