Graffiti in Memory of Jennifer Laude in South NJ [en]

Trans and queer anarchists in so-called southern New Jersey stand in solidarity with our siblings in the Philippines. We remember and lift up the memory of our international trans sister, Jennifer “Ganda” Laude, who was hate-crime murdered by U.S. Marine and transphobe Joseph Scott Pemberton on this day October 11, 2014. Pemberton poses a serious risk to communities everywhere as an “international pig” who got away with murder with the help of the U.S. military.

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Andrea Alakran
Reflections on Fil-Am History Month From an Autonomist Filipinx [en]

Where do I begin? I was born in the Philippines almost three decades ago. My story there is brief — by the time I was two years old, I’d already migrated with my parents to the United States.


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