Simoun Magsalin
Detainment is Death in the Pandemic! [en]

Umaapaw na raw ang kulungan. [The jails are overflowing.] Nearly 30,000 people were reportedly arrested under the quarantine in the Philippines, with more than 4,000 of these arrested detained, based on a report dated April 18, 2020.[1] Doubtless, more have since been arrested and detained since then. The police even went on record saying there will no longer be any more warnings to the alleged “quarantine violators” and will arrest people as they see fit,[2] likely straining the capacities of the already overstretched jails and prisons.


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What Happens To Them Photo Essay of the Homeless Community In Long Beach [tl]

Photo essay by O’Shovah, a Filipinx comrade in Long Beach.

There is an issue that is being neglected, a homeless issue. It is an issue that has long been present before this pandemic. While the current situation is to stay at home, many of the homeless people living in the city do not have the privilege to “stay at home.” Whether it be the cold gray pavement or a metallic bus bench to sleep or rest, it cannot be denied that they are the unfortunate victims of this COVID-19 pandemic.


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Bandilang Itim Collective
To Pay is to Die The Threat of Student Debt and Homelessness [en]

We at Bandilang Itim stand in support with the student organizations from the De La Salle University,[1] and the University of the Philippines.[2] In these trying times, university institutions must adapt to the so-called “new normal” in a way that accommodates their students. This means accounting for the students’ varying conditions. Some students may be under financial or emotional stress due to the Extended Community Quarantine (ECQ). Others lack access to reliable internet connectivity to continue with online classes and securing one may become yet another financial burden.


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Erwin F. Rafael
The Promise of an Anarchist Sociological Imagination [en]

You see, I’ve set my stuff always against various forms of liberalism because those are dominant. But it could just as well — in fact easier for me — be set against Marxism. What these jokers — all of them — don’t realize is that way down deep and systematically, I’m a goddamned anarchist.

— C. Wright Mills (2000:217–218)


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Lords and Kings [en]

Humans have not progressed as much as they believe since the feudal ages. Even today, we worship Lords and Kings as if they were god. The titles may have changed – we call them CEOs and Presidents and Ministers now – but their offices and functions are pretty much the same. And therefore, the injustices and inequalities, the oppressions and cruelties perpetrated, are pretty much the same. Humans believe they have the right to rule over us, simply because they said so.


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Simoun Magsalin
Against a Quarantine with Martial Law Characteristics [en]

The Opportunism of Martial Law

In March 2020, the people of the archipelago known as the Philippines were alarmed at the rate of local transmission of the disease known as COVID-19. On March 12, police and military forces were mobilized to enforce a community quarantine for the whole of Metro Manila scheduled to start on the midnight of March 15. This quarantine was later generalized for the whole island of Luzon, a population of some 53 million souls. That the mobilization of the state’s apparatus of violence was more noticeable than the mobilization of medical and social resources is telling of the administration’s priorities.


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