Humans have not progressed as much as they believe since the feudal ages. Even today, we worship Lords and Kings as if they were god. The titles may have changed – we call them CEOs and Presidents and Ministers now – but their offices and functions are pretty much the same. And therefore, the injustices and inequalities, the oppressions and cruelties perpetrated, are pretty much the same. Humans believe they have the right to rule over us, simply because they said so.

The word Freedom today holds no meaning. We cannot even choose what time to wake up in the morning, or the place we want to live, or the people we meet everyday. There is only work, doing the same thing over and over and over again until we are too old to do it anymore. All in exchange for our lives, which we sell piecemeal hour by the hour.

We have long been conditioned to believe that this is the way things should be. So much so that humans have internalized it to the point that we cannot imagine a world other than this. There are humans who would hate you just for believing that a better world is possible. And there are Lords and Kings who would kill us for believing so. Just how twisted has this world made us?

How much of your dreams and passions are truly yours? How much of your heart is truly yours? When your soul cries out in pain, do you truly understand why? Do you even notice your soul crying out?

We are not free. We are ruled by Lords and Kings who truly believe that money and power are far more important than our hearts, our souls, our very humanity. Our lives are shaped by the systems they put in place, and these systems do not see us as humans. Life is not painful – we simply happen to be living in a world that lives off the degradation of our humanity.

Can you believe it? We live our lives ruled by faceless, heartless systems and we allow it because it promises to give us money for it…

Truly, what kind of world do we humans wish to live in? What is your answer?