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Whatever happened to Bandilang Itim? An update on our efforts [en]

The so-called "Bandilang Itim Collective" has silently disbanded. Bandilang Itim has effectively been demoted from collective to distro. The people behind Bandilang Itim are still there and this distro is still operated by an affinity group, but this affinity group is no longer “Bandilang Itim Collective.”


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Bandilang Itim Collective
To Pay is to Die The Threat of Student Debt and Homelessness [en]

We at Bandilang Itim stand in support with the student organizations from the De La Salle University,[1] and the University of the Philippines.[2] In these trying times, university institutions must adapt to the so-called “new normal” in a way that accommodates their students. This means accounting for the students’ varying conditions. Some students may be under financial or emotional stress due to the Extended Community Quarantine (ECQ). Others lack access to reliable internet connectivity to continue with online classes and securing one may become yet another financial burden.


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