Harold Barclay
The Ifugao A People Without Government [en]

This is an excerpt from People without Government: An Anthropology of Anarchy by Harold Barclay. We are republishing this excerpt for its value to anarchists in the archipelago known as the Philippines.

Mar 3, 2020 Read the whole text... 5 pp.

Blossoms of an Aborted Revolution [en]

Let us not mince our words. The EDSA Revolution has failed.

If you look around at the state of society in our archipelago, you can see clear parallels to the horrors of 1972. A dictator, with the military and police in the palm of his hand, supported by sycophants blindly loyal to his person and by local and foreign capitalist interests, brutally murdering and terrorizing the poor, and the dissidents who fight for them.


Feb 25, 2020 Read the whole text... 6 pp.