Title: The Mind is a Battlefield too
Author: Coyote Bob
Topic: self-care
Date: February 2020

How much of our negative self-talk is based on false ideals foisted upon us by Capitalism? Last night I caught a friend (who shall remain anonymous) using negative statements about themselves based on not having the “right” job, or living situation, or socioeconomic status. My friend is sort of an anarchist chaote type and regularly posts anti-capitalist stuff. But their self-talk was full of capitalist ideas of personal worth. It saddened me and I tried to do my best to snap them out of that kind of thinking.

It’s important to understand that this is a secret battle we don’t talk about. We campaign for political issues and try to raise consciousness in an outward way, but how often do we analyze our thoughts? Are they really our thoughts? Do we tell ourselves, “I’m just a poor person who can’t make a difference,” because the capitalist thought virus has brainwashed us? If we’ll go march or hold a rally to say all people are equal and deserve respect and love, but come home and beat ourselves up for not having the right job or making enough money, isn’t that another way for them to win? The mind is a battlefield too, folks. If they can convince you that a “pathetic pleb like me can’t make a difference” then they’ve won. How much of our self-talk comes from a system that we abhor?

If you wouldn’t vote for the capitalist patriarchy, why let their ideals of living determine your self-worth? This brainwashing is one of their systems of control. I don’t care if you live on the street, or in a cheap apartment, if you get food stamps, or have a job that doesn’t pay well. THESE ARE NOT MORAL FAILINGS. You see they want you to believe that poor socioeconomic status in their rigged system is a moral failing. So I’ll say it again, and this time read it out loud: THESE ARE NOT MORAL FAILINGS. THEY RIGGED THE SYSTEM AGAINST YOU AND THEN TOLD YOU IT WAS A MORAL FAILING WHEN YOU LOST AT THEIR GAME. You don’t have to buy into that brainwashing. Break free of their stupid expectations. And if you ever need a reality check, come talk to me and we’ll break down their crappy thought disease together. Love yourself and be safe